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Certified Document and Hard Drive Shredding Service is a secure shredding service specializing in document and hard drive destruction. We work closely with your business to comprehend its needs and customize a shredding schedule that best suits your business. From one-time purge projects to recurring shred service, we aim to provide affordable, simple and effective solutions that ensure that the integrity of your confidential information is not compromised. Our shredding specialists are equipped with the knowledge that will help your business mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

  • Document Shredding

    Protect your organization’s data and shred your sensitive documents with our Document Shredding service.

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  • Hard Drive Shredding

    With our state-of-the-art Hard Drive Shredding Service, you can rest assured that your vital business information will be securely destroyed and undiscoverable.

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  • Time Mindful

    The whole shredding process takes minutes and the best part is you can witness it taking place with our viewing station located on our trucks.

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Shredding Expertise and Knowledge

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  • 01 Feb 2019

    Shred All Policy and Your Business

    Imagine you are a manager and as you are walking through the office, you overhear two employees talking. They have never heard of a Shred All Policy, and as such, a conversation begins with one employee asking the other if the piece of paper that she is currently holding needs to be shredded. After a […]

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  • 08 Oct 2018

    5 Shredding Concerns You Should be Addressing

    Because utilizing an outsourced shredding solution provides your business with a surefire way to improve efficiency, increase security, and reduce overall costs versus shredding in-house, you will want to make an educated decision when it comes time to choose who to partner with. It’s vital that as you explore partners to handle your shredding needs, you research […]

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  • Law Office in Los Angeles HR Manager

    I have been working with Shred My Files for the past 5 years and I can confidently say I am completely satisfied with their seamless work. They have made my job easier by providing quick and simple document and hard drive shredding.

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