The Right Choice: A NAID “AAA” Certified Company


The Right Choice: A NAID “AAA” Certified Company

NAID AAA Certified Company

We’ve heard and answered many questions through the years, but one of the more common questions has been: “Why choose a shredding company that is “AAA” Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction?”

It’s a pretty simple answer really. Hiring a shredding company with NAID “AAA” Certification is the only way you will know for sure that your documents have been destroyed securely.

What does it mean to be “AAA” Certified?

“AAA” Certification means that Williams Data Management is compliant with the industry’s highest standards governing document destruction. NAID’s primary objective is to ensure the security of your sensitive documents and your clients’ private information. That way, when you conduct business with a NAID “AAA” Certified company you know your documents are safe. To do this, NAID demands strict compliance with standards for:

1. The process of shredding your company’s documents

2. Maintaining a secure chain of custody for all customer material

3. Submitting to random inspections by NAID to ensure compliance

4. Operational and facility security

5. The unreadability of shredded pieces

6. Employee screening and hiring – including pre-employment and random drug testing

7. Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements for employees

8. The compliance process is verified by an independent certified professional. In order to maintain certification, Williams passes annual and unannounced audits.

Importance of Secure Shredding

In this digital age, you may think that identity theft or a security breach is more common to occur as a result of leaked information or breached data online. The FBI however maintains that physical documents and records are still the primary cause of most breaches. That is why having Document Destruction performed by a NAID certified company is so important. It reduces risks and negative impacts on your business such as:

1. Identity Theft

2. Loss of trade secrets

3. Fraud

4. Negative Perception of your business

5. Litigation, fines, and penalties

 Why Risk Your Company’s Future?

Would you trust leaving your valuable jewelry and prized possessions out where everyone could have easy access to them? We hope not… and we hope you would not do the same with your personal information. Identify thieves can gather personal information even from records that may seem harmless. These can include:

1. Medical/Dental Records

2. Credit Card Bills

3. Bank Account Statements

4. Airline tickets

5. Travel reservations

When it comes to your company’s data security and the safety of your personal information, the only solution is to trust a company who is NAID “AAA” Certified to ensure your documents are destroyed securely.

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